Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

Comand Bot Di Camfrog

/ver - display bot version (version.dll)
/shutdown - shut down the bot (imcontrol.dll)

Room controls
/postmsg message - post message to chat (imcontrol.dll)
/kickuser nickname - kick user from chatroom (imcontrol.dll)
/punishuser nickname - punish user in chatroom (imcontrol.dll)
/unpunishuser nickname - unpunish user (imcontrol.dll)

Trivia Game
/trvplay 0|1 - turn Trivia game on/off (trivia.dll)
/trvstart - start Trivia game (trivia.dll)
/trvstop - stop Trivia game (trivia.dll)
/trvclear - clear records (trivia.dll)

 Posting messages to the room
/msgrtime 30-30000 - set messages posting interval (messenger.dll)
/msgrclear - clear message list (messenger.dll)
/msgradd message - add message to message list (messenger.dll)

Bad expressions
/bexpr 0|1 - turn bad expressions catcher on/off (badwords.dll)
/bekick - select kick for bad expressions (badwords.dll)
/bepunish - select punish for bad expressions (badwords.dll)
/bereason reason - set kick/punish reason (badwords.dll)
/becount 1-10 - set the forbidden words counter (badwords.dll)
/bewords 0|1 - select regular expressions/words mode - with “0″ it will use regular expressions, with “1″ just kick for word substring (badwords.dll)
/beclear - clear bad expressions list (badwords.dll)
/beadd expression - add expression to bad list (badwords.dll)

Whobanned plugin
These commands are working with events that happened during the bot uptime only! For example if the bot exits and is restarted all prior moderation events will be lost and you’ll need to check the logs file. All previous events can be found in the plugin logs at the server.

/whobanned nickname - check who banned nickname (whobanned.dll)
/whokicked nickname - check who kicked nickname (whobanned.dll)
/whopunished nickname - check who punished nickname (whobanned.dll)
/whounpunished nickname - check who unpunished nickname (whobanned.dll)

Bot owners control
/owners - display owners list (imcontrol.dll)
/addowner nickname - add new owner (imcontrol.dll)
/delowner nickname - delete owner (imcontrol.dll)

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